Sangeeth Sivan, Vineeth Sreenivasan, other celebs have to say about Dulquer Salmaan’s kammatipaadam


The latest Malayalam film “Kammatipaadam,” that stars Dulquer Salmaan has been garnering fabulous response from celebrities, despite the fact that the Rajeev Ravi-directed film has opened to mixed reviews from the audience. several celebrities have labeled it a classic thriller marked by sensible performances of the actors.

Filmmaker Sangeeth Sivan, United Nations agency has created a mark in Mollywood and film industry, is that the latest celebrity to possess lauded the team of “Kammatipaadam” for his or her marvelous work. He says that the characters of the action thriller can keep within the minds of individuals for a protracted time ever when the film is over.

The “Nirnayam” director has conjointly praised the motion-picture photography of the pic and therefore the performance of Dulquer, United Nations agency entertains the audience with a special role in every film. “Dulquer, am therefore glad to envision your career graph soar – keep it going, the flexibility & d selection [sic], the director wrote on his Twitter page.

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Parvathi T

Spellbound!!!.i..kammatti Padam has left me speechless.its history of urbanisation..its history of the underdog..Rajiv Ravi i salute you..Actors..each one of you.. DQ, Vinayakan, Manikanta Aachary,Anil Alasan Dinkoist, Alencier Ley,Soubin Shine Tom Chacko..and so many other Artists who have lived their characters..U’ve redefined acting..

Team Kammattipadam gave me an experience i will never ever forget..Not just that the film also makes me less taught me not to be judgemental to anyone. I am thankful to Rajiv for making this film.And you will also experience the power of the medium.five stars to this amazing film.

I can go on and on.. But let me also tell you this is not a request to my fb friends to watch the film.B’coz this film will not entertain you..delight you.this film is will open your eyes and give you a new perspective.Make u more compassionate and wise.‪#‎kammattipadam.‪#‎RajivRavi ‪#‎DulquerSalman ‪#‎DQ‪#‎shinetomchacko

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Sunny Wayn

Watched ‪#‎kammattippadam‬ Feels as though I’m still living in kammattipadam.. All the characters are still with me , krishnan, ganga, balan, gangas dad , wow.. Each and every person in the movie wasn’t just playing the role, they were living it.. Excellent work by all of them.. Rajivetta Hats off for such an exceptionally brilliant making!! .. Cant stop thinking about ‪#‎kammatippadam‬ , Friends do not think twice …go and enjoy some realistic performance..Watch it only in cinemas..

Roopesh Peethambaran

Dulquer Salmaan – I am so proud and happy to see ur growth as an actor in Kammatipaadam!! Krishnan will be a land mark in ur career 🙂
Rajeev Ravi – I have my personal difference of opinion with your previous work as a director!! But you nailed Kammatipaadam, full on respect to you sir!
Manikandan, Vinayakan, Vinay Forrt, Amalda Lizz and rest of the actors and crew – polichu adakki, onnum parayaan ellaa!!
Censor Board – there was more blood and gore in Theevram and you guys gave me a ‘U’ certificate!!
Kammatipaadam being a realistic movie with no blood shed and minimum violence (which is a necessary tool to convey this kind of story), you guys certified a ‘A’ certificate!!
Please go climb a tree and fry an egg!! Bcos we audience really don’t care about ur idiotic certification, we understand cinema much better than u Buffoons!!

Vineeth Sreenivasan

Kammatipaadam has its heart at the right place.. The most beautiful thing about this movie is the level of performance it has captured.. many actors have performed brilliantly in the film. I felt so happy to see Shine Tom Chacko in a significant role. i have worked with Shine in two films and he is such a hard working guy.. He definitely had a rough phase in between, but it’s great to see him back. There is a new actor in the film, i think his name is Manikantan. He was brilliant. Dulquer, as usual, was good. But after the film, the face that haunts me is Ganga’s. Vinayakan is truly a revelation.Rajeev Ravi has brought the best out of him.

You might hear all sorts of things about this film. That it’s long, it’s slow, it’s good in parts etc.. etc.. etc.. But if u r ready to spend ur money for a different cinematic experience, this movie is definitely worth a try.

And if u have the option, pls watch this film in a theatre with good sound quality; because the sound dept has done an amazing job.

Psychologist and actress Parvathi T, who was last seen in Ranjith-Biju Menon’s “Leela,” has also complimented the team of “Kammatipaadam” for giving her an experience that she will never forget and for teaching that one should not be judgemental towards anyone. The actress has given five stars to the movie and even thanked Rajeev Ravi for making the film and leaving her speechless.