James and alice malayalam movie review 2016

James and alice malayalam movie review

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In simple words A cool entertaining family thriller with an extra ordinary script

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James and alice malayalam movie reviewLove is always blind . That’s a safe principle followed by our malayalam screenland for a really long term . Every new administrators follow these golden rules in worry of failure. And it seems like Sujith Vassudev is additionally taking part in it safe . James and Alice is the new romantic flick by renowned photographer Sujith Vassudev staring Prithviraj and Vedika in title characters .Like early said James and Alice is a bromide romance picturized during a new method . It’s an recent wine in new bottle . But the “new bottle” has modified the wine a lot of tastier.

Story part James and alice malayalam movie review
The story starts with the ego clashes and family issues in the married lifetime of James(Prithviraj) and Alice(Vedika) whose wedding was avoided the concent of their families one thing we’ve seen earlier in some movies . But the distinction here is however they overcome or react to the issues makes the moving-picture show distinctive .

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Creativity and direction part James and alice malayalam movie review
James may be a passionate creative person and Alice is a bank worker . James is a hippy kind character United Nations agency sets his own rules (he isn’t a Charlie!) .They fall in love and acquire endued with a female offspring. Story mainly focuses on their married life . The film is Well Edited and is composed of two and 0.5 hours . At some times the movie lags a bit . First 0.5 encompasses a steady pace and ends with a interval punch . Second half is far higher than initial one . And has a little surprising issue at the tip .

The main attraction of the movie is Prithviraj , Vedika and DOP .We have seen the magic of mixing direction and dop along .This time its fantastic . Sujith Vassudev is state award holder cinematographer . There nothing to mention about Prithviraj’s performance . It’s stunning ad usual . Though the character is not difficult for his talent nevertheless he portrays it cleanly
Another important issue is the improvement of Vedika . She had improved a lot as Associate in Nursing role player from her last moving-picture show . The rest of the star cast, including Saikumar, Vijayaraghavan, Manju Pillai, Sudheer Karamana, Kishore Sathya etc have played their components utterly.

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camera and direction James and alice malayalam movie review
Sujith Vasudev has created a mind-blowing visual treat for the audiences, with his excellent motion-picture photography.Cinematography has no word to describe however merely awing .Every frame speaks one thing to US . It’s a sure shot for state awards . Music and BGM of Gopi Sunder is sensible however generally felt similitude of his latter works.

Basic things for family James and alice malayalam movie review
Overall the moving-picture show is a romantic moving-picture show or a feel sensible movie and is price watchable . ,Sujith Vassudev had done a decent job in his initial directorial venture departure a attribute that we have a tendency to haven’t seen his talent nevertheless.

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