Aadupuliyattam Malayalam Movie Review

Aadupuliyattam Malayalam Movie Review

Aadupuliyattam Malayalam Movie Review

Aadupuliyattam Malayalam Movie Review

Aadupuliyattam Malayalam Movie Review
Aadupuliyattam all starts with the hallucinations of Sathyajith (Jayaram), a made builder, leading a really happy family life. His rummage around for the explanation behind these illusions leads him on to a tale that lies buried in time.

If you thought that the 600-year recent story on that the film is grounded would mark the come back of a far worshiped actor, most likely you ought to reassess. Although ‘Aadu puliyattam’ sets the workplace box registers jingly, I might assert that this is not the film that I would like Jayaram to form a comeback in. Frankly, he deserves way more than this drivel.

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‘Aadupuliyattam’ has little or no scares future, abundant to the frustration of the horror film aficionado. Those UN agency ar waiting to be jolted out of their seats can thus need to come back home blue. The dialogues ar were usually infantile, and would cue one in every of a shoddily written evening program that’s to be attained air the approaching week. Aadupuliyattam Malayalam Movie Review

The horror film cliches on the opposite hand line up in abundance, and therefore the film religiously sticks to any or all the conventions that one would expect of the genre. It’s come back to a degree once the certificate of a run of the mill horror film is as the individual because the climax of a poorly written mystery story. ‘Aadupuliyattam’ isn’t any exception.

What is even additional discouraging is that the comic track that ironically leaves a lump in your throat. There ar the many ranges of queries that ar left unreciprocated furthermore. Then again I suppose, in terribly unfortunate eventualities as these, the less inquired, the higher.

Direction and scripting Aadupuliyattam Malayalam Movie Review
Where ‘Aadupuliyattam’ falls means below the expectations is once it involves the graphics and computer graphics. It goes while not speech that sufficient cash and efforts are tense in to make the required effects, however to very little avail. In associate age once the viewer is exposed to state of the art technologies on screen, ‘Aadupuliyattam’ scores pretty low.

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The length of the film (a staggering 2 and a [*fr1] hours) would are acceptable had it stuffed it up with many unforgettable moments. Sadly, these ar only a few and much between, and therefore the period seems to be a millstone for the film.

It’s a pleasure to visualize associate actor like Remya Krishnan on screen, and she or he would most likely be the sole reason why I might recommend that you just ought to watch the film. Jayaram has nothing abundant to try and do the film except what he has wiped out many films before, whereas Sheelu Ibrahim carries her routine act slightly any forward.

User review Aadupuliyattam Malayalam Movie Review
There is no denying the very fact that the core premise on that ‘Aadu puliyattam’ relies upon holds promise. However wherever it wavers and tails off is within the execution of a fragile script that’s weighed down by the terribly middling technical support.

Aadupuliyattam Malayalam Movie Review final report
‘Aadupuliyattam’ is yet one more frustrated from Kannan Thamarakkulam when the black ‘Thinkal Muthal Velli Vare’. whereas the previous let a comic book story line dart perverse, ‘Aadupuliyattam’ lets horror run haphazard.